A Lethal Force

Soft whispers
Soft spoken
Spoken lies
Spoken word
Word assassin
Word games
Games played
Games lost
Lost soul
Lost princess
Princess without a crown
Princess of Mayhem
Mayhem made
Mayhem driven
Driven mad
Driven wild
Wild adventure
Wild night
Night of sin
Night of temptation
Temptation without remorse
Temptation remains
Remains of sanity
Remains within
Within reason
Within your grasp
Grasp reality
Grasp her heart
Heart in your hand
Heart broken
Broken dreams
Broken promises
Promises the world
Promises nothing
Nothing changes
Nothing you can do
Do your worst
Do as I say
Say goodbye
Say my name
Name your killer
Name your poison
Poison her mind
Poison that’s toxic
Toxic hazard
Toxic love
Love is a force
Love is lethal



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Hope Burns Eternal

Smoke alarm
Smoke means fire
Fire in the sky
Fire fight
Fight Club
Fight the power
Power surge
Power struggle
Struggle for existence
Struggle is real
Real world
Real time
Time wasted
Time to die
Die by the sword
Die alone
Alone in a crowd
Alone in darkness
Darkness imprisons
Darkness within
Within yourself
Within arms reach
Reach for me
Reach for the stars
Stars need night
Stars align
Align your soul
Align your mind
Mind over matter
Mind control
Control your destiny
Control the future
Future is now
Future plans
Plans fail
Plans evolve
Evolve or disappear
Evolve and adapt
Adapt and overcome
Adapt to change
Change is inevitable
Change how you think
Think big
Think then do
Do what you love
Do not lose hope
Hope eternal
Hope burns






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Be Inspired

Take a bow
Take chances
Chances are
Chances end
End the cycle
End hate
Hate the drama
Hate the game
Game changer
Game face
Face off
Face the music
Music speaks
Music is life
Life changing
Life is beautiful
Beautiful existence
Beautiful you
You can do it
You are strong
Strong believer
Strong will
Will to succeed
Will to win
Win from within
Win big
Big difference
Big dreams
Dreams chased
Dreams come true
True story
True love
Love yourself
Love is blind
Blind side
Blind fear
Fear is a lie
Fear nothing
Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Gained experience
Gained control
Control yourself
Control fate
Fate is within
Fate leads the willing
Willing and inspired
Willing to be


This poem was just one that was featured in “Emily Sturgill’s Help Wanted: Poets please apply” anthology earlier this summer. Read this and many more brilliant pieces by downloading your copy HERE. Her collection covers a myriad of topics and includes 19 different poets, all from the WordPress community.

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The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

I had so much fun writing my first blitz poem that I decided to indulge in another. This one is a bit on the darker side…

Beautiful nightmare
Beautiful disaster
Disaster relief
Disaster plans
Plans fail
Plans change
Change forever
Change the world
World Trade Center
World War
War machine
War games
Games of thrones
Games we play
Play house
Play dead
Dead pan
Dead air
Air pollution
Air Force
Force of nature
Force unseen
Unseen images
Unseen faces
Faces of death
Faces the music
Music notes
Music silenced
Silenced Glock
Silenced screams
Screams aloud
Screams my name
Name your price
Name in lights
Lights out
Lights a fire
Fire dancer
Fire and ice
Ice Queen
Ice storm
Storm the gates
Storm cloud
Cloud of smoke
Cloud my judgement
Judgment passed
Judgement night
Night terrors
Night is dark

Life Teaches

Life teaches
Life is short
Short term
Short and sweet
Sweet nothings
Sweet as candy
Candy kisses
Candy dreams
Dreams of stardom
Dreams come true
True stories
True friends
Friends forever
Friends and enemies
Enemies made
Enemies to forgive
Forgive yourself
Forgive and forget
Forget me
Forget the past
Past the point of no return
Past and present
Present and future
Present is now
Now you know
Now is your time
Time to love
Time is money
Money talks
Money can’t buy happiness
Happiness awaits
Happiness is key
Key to success
Key to my heart
Heart on my sleeve
Heart broken
Broken down
Broken promises
Promises made
Promises kept
Kept away
Kept in cages
Cages rattled
Cages empty
Empty pockets
Empty words
Words of wisdom
Words unspoken