Hope Burns Eternal

Smoke alarm
Smoke means fire
Fire in the sky
Fire fight
Fight Club
Fight the power
Power surge
Power struggle
Struggle for existence
Struggle is real
Real world
Real time
Time wasted
Time to die
Die by the sword
Die alone
Alone in a crowd
Alone in darkness
Darkness imprisons
Darkness within
Within yourself
Within arms reach
Reach for me
Reach for the stars
Stars need night
Stars align
Align your soul
Align your mind
Mind over matter
Mind control
Control your destiny
Control the future
Future is now
Future plans
Plans fail
Plans evolve
Evolve or disappear
Evolve and adapt
Adapt and overcome
Adapt to change
Change is inevitable
Change how you think
Think big
Think then do
Do what you love
Do not lose hope
Hope eternal
Hope burns






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With you…

Before you,
I was proud
To burn too bright.
I held my head high.
I was independent.

Before you,
I didn’t want
To divvy the light.
I kept it for myself.
I was obstinate.

Before you,
I never wanted
To be saved by night.
I impeded its relief.
I was isolated.

With you,
I have found
The beauty of contrast,
A prism for my rays.
I am humbled.

With you,
I want to share
The sky so vast,
A kaleidoscopic twilight.
I am better with you.

With you,
I dread no more
The gloom night might cast.
I can close my eyes.
I am at peace.