The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

I had so much fun writing my first blitz poem that I decided to indulge in another. This one is a bit on the darker side…

Beautiful nightmare
Beautiful disaster
Disaster relief
Disaster plans
Plans fail
Plans change
Change forever
Change the world
World Trade Center
World War
War machine
War games
Games of thrones
Games we play
Play house
Play dead
Dead pan
Dead air
Air pollution
Air Force
Force of nature
Force unseen
Unseen images
Unseen faces
Faces of death
Faces the music
Music notes
Music silenced
Silenced Glock
Silenced screams
Screams aloud
Screams my name
Name your price
Name in lights
Lights out
Lights a fire
Fire dancer
Fire and ice
Ice Queen
Ice storm
Storm the gates
Storm cloud
Cloud of smoke
Cloud my judgement
Judgment passed
Judgement night
Night terrors
Night is dark


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