Teacher Appreciation

I am hard at work on the book today. However, my son and I did write this little poem last week so I thought I’d share. Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my 11-year-old’s school. They did a circus theme this year. There are three 6th grade classrooms and teachers. Being a teacher is incredibly challenging work and is greatly under-recognized. I don’t know how they do it. We wrote this for them as a way to say “Thank you for all that you do”:

The big top a school,
Three rooms are their rings.
They lead with the grace
Of flyers on swings.

They are ringmasters.
They juggle class clowns.
They reign in the monkeys
When they’re horsing around.

They sooth momma bears
When report cards spell doom.
Mounds of ungraded tests are
The elephant in the room.

They jump through hoops
Just like the big cats
To fulfill state requirements,
And maintain Knapp’s stats.

Their job is a circus.
They do it with ease,
Like an artist in flight
Upon a trapeze.


Image courtesy of Microsoft Word clipart.


    1. It certainly could! All of the kids are good at it but none like to write though. Brandon would much rather read. My daughter is quite a poet, but she unleashes her creative beast as a stylist. My oldest tells a great story but wants to work in cognitive psychology instead. 🙂


      1. My mom was a concert pianist. I played since I was four years old until I couldn’t play anymore because of some physical issues. I never really LOVED it like she did though. Yes it came naturally and I did it because it’s something I’ve always known. But now with photography? OMG..I love it so much more! I never knew it would be possible to have another hobby I enjoyed so much. Creativity holds no bounds….it shows up in so many different ways. Sounds like you support them in their individuality and that’s what’s most important!


        1. You are so right! Creativity manifests in so many different ways. What is important is that they are happy with the path they chose. They’re good at what they do too. I’m very proud.

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