The World is a Better Place

Happy birthday to my favorite person on Earth, my husband, Brian! The world is a better place because he was born. Any man who loves like he loves deserves only the finest things in this life. I strive to always give him only the best of myself. He regularly does the same for me…

For example, one day many years ago I was struggling through a particularly tough day. He sent me an email that contained these words and changed the tone of my entire week.

The way this woman looks at me
A look of intense love
She looks at me like I am a King
Her Kingdom mine for the taking
She is my Queen
I would die for her
That intense love burns deep within
Hotter than molten lava
A feeling that has never been felt before
She looks at me for strength
I will stand like a pillar of granite for her
Fathering her children as my own
Loving them more than myself
Guiding them down the right path in life
Protecting them from harm
I am there for her
I am there for them
I will always be there
Intense Love


I love you, Awesome.


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