Tell me that you’ll love me forever,
That I’m the only one for you.
Fill my head with promises,
Bother not with the facts.
I crave deception…
The best part of
Is the


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Tangled Web

What fallacy, pray tell, have you spun for me today?
A prevaricated tale conceived in truth,
Tangled with a lie? Can you see through your own
Web of flagrant deception anymore?
We shudder at what you’ve become. You
Weave and sew, fabricate and entwine.
When your lips move, the fable begins,
First with the pretense of fact. Soon,
We are snarled in your labyrinth of lies. You
Practice dishonesty like it’s your religion.
To believe that you are more than a maligner is to
Deceive even the fabulist that is you.






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