Elfje poetry originated in The Netherlands. The word Elfje means ‘elven’. It is a short poem, consisting of 5 lines and 11 words.

Line 1: One word. This words should represent a color, feature, or other description of line 2.

Line 2: Two words. This line will represent the subject of the poem, whatever is being described in line 1.

Line 3: Three words. This line gives additional insight into the subject of the poem in line 2. Typically line 3 begins with ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘it’.

Line 4: Four words. This sentence is the conclusion.

Line 5: One word. Referred to as ‘the bomb’. It is a single word that summarizes the poem.

Example 1

Flavor Seduction

Delicious essence
You seduce me
My resistance is futile

© 2014 Carrie Page


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