The Rondeau is a French form of poetry. It is 15 lines, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet. The rhyme scheme is aabba aabR aabbaR. Lines 9 and 15 are the refrain (R), consisting of a phrase taken from the 1st line. All of the other lines are longer than the refrain. All lines (except 9 & 15) are the same metrical length.

Each link below contains a separate example of Rondeau poetry:

You Left Me by Carrie Page

Blue Spruce Motel by Carrie Page

I Am a Monster by Carrie Page

The Ice Queen Awakens by Carrie Page

A Wolf by Carrie Page


Do you have an example of Rondeau poetry you’d like to share? Leave a link to it in the comments!

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