Your Pen

With your pen as your wand
You cast your spell.
I am entranced
By the power
Of the words you have written.
Exhilaration overwhelms me
With each new sentence.
My heart pounds harder.
A tingling sensation
Erupts from the pit of my soul.
The hand that graced those pages
Grasps relentlessly at my heart.
I try to ward it off,
My resistance futile.
The echoes of your voice
Are ever present
In my mind.
Each passing day
Finds me repeating more frequently
Your stanzas to myself.
Desperate to tell you,
Yet trapped in another life.
My unavailable heart,
Drives me mad,
Begs me to tell you
Of how it is consumed
By the silence of your pen,
The danger in your words,
And the excitement of each new page.
For now my mind
Denies my heart its deepest desires,
Forcing yet another addition
To the secrets of my soul.