Letter to My Online Friend (Letter Challenge #3)

This week’s edition of Jenny In Neverland‘s letter writing challenge centers around a letter to a friend that you have never met in person. Check out her post here Letter Challenge #3. I had trouble narrowing down the recipient for my contribution. I’ve received so much support from my WordPress family. From feedback, to pointers, to re-blogs and shares … I am blown away by the support I find here.

So, how did I decide? I began drafting this post right before I left for vacation last week. I typed, I deleted, I re-typed, then just saved a draft and took off. Two days into my trip, I received a message from one online friend in particular. Immediately it occurred to me, “Of course, THAT’S who my letter should be to!”


Dear Steven,

When I first met you on Twitter, you were that funny Jake Gyllenhaal look-alike who had recently published “This is What Saved Me”, a book of poetry, and just happened to share the same first name as my first-born. I had recently started my WordPress blog, and you just happened to have a very popular blog here as well, SFoxWriting’s Blog. I knew immediately that you were different from the other contacts I had made, despite the fact that you lived on the other side of an ocean.

From the start it was clear that you genuinely meant it when you said that you strived to help other writers. Through you I have met so many wonderful storytellers, poets, bloggers and friends. My blog was in its infancy when I accepted your “Alphabet Challenge”. Over the course of those 26 days, my readership nearly tripled. It certainly helped when you re-blogged one post of mine in particular. To this day, that post remains my most popular. Oh, and during that time, I also learned that not only do you share a name with my son, but you are the same age too. It surprised me only because you had already achieved so much.

You helped me set a solid foundation for what I was looking to accomplish here on WordPress. You could very well have said, “Good luck, happy writing, and good-bye”. That has not been the case. It’s not just me either. I have seen you answer questions for and offer suggestions to dozens of writers. From “Help! I need a topic idea!” to “Help! I’m having technical difficulties” to “How do I attract new followers?”, you’ve made time for many.

So of course, when you saw my Facebook post last week referencing my frustration over titling my novel, you stepped up and offered to help. You probably don’t realize this, but you were the very first person to whom I’ve revealed any book secrets, other than the first chapter. Not even my husband knows what happens next! I am so glad that I did because within a couple of days, you sent me a list of 10 outstanding title ideas. Even as I type this I shake my head in disbelief. I’m not sure where you find the time in the day to work, write, blog, and help so many others to do the same.

OK, you’re probably reading this thinking, “Yeah, I know all of this, I was there.”, so here’s the point: Thank you ~ from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I already know that your name will appear in my book’s “Acknowledgements” page. I know your reasons for helping aren’t so you’ll be appreciated publicly but anything less seems inadequate. If there is ever anything I can do help you with any of your writing projects, I hope you will ask. Until then, keep blogging, PLEASE keep writing poetry, and keep working on that book. I look forward to reading more of it.

Write on!




Image from flickr.com


  1. What a nice letter Carrie! I haven’t seen Steven’s stuff much on WP anymore for some reason. I can’t keep track of people the way I want to any longer and I feel sort of detached in a way. I’m glad he has helped you with your writing. He’s really a great person and I’m glad to see him honored this way here by yet another great person!


    1. I know what you mean. I follow so many blogs because there is so much great talent out there. Unfortunately there is no longer time enough in the day to read everything I want to read & see all that I want to see. Thank you for the kind words!


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