Vacation Highlights

Up until this morning, my blog had gone 7 days without an update. That is by far the longest break I have taken since I launched Carrie Mayhem. I actually intended to post while on vacation. However, the first leg of the trip was much too busy and the second leg was at the cottage, where one is more connected to the wildlife than the internet. Anyway, I’M BACK!

Here are a handful of photos from our family holiday. They’re good pics but not the best pics. The best of the best will show up in future posts…

My favorite beach


The lighthouse (


A Ludington sunset (




Our entry Mater (from the movie Cars) won 2nd place in a “Pimp your ATV” contest!






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    1. Outstanding! You have remarkable talent!! So sorry for the late reply. I have been splitting time between home and a cottage on a lake in the forest with very little access to the outside world. It’s really quite lovely. 🙂

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