Into the shadows cryptic stairs ascend,
Redemption awaits he who dares ascend.

Foreboding seeps in from the underground,
Mere proximity makes ones hairs ascend.

The despondent throw caution to the wind,
They with their errs, cares and despairs ascend.

Trepidation and hope their chaperon,
They clench the railing, whispered prayers ascend.

The gallant are remunerated when,
Into the darkness their nightmares ascend.






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    1. Thank you! The picture is so fitting because it’s one of those rare occasions where the image wrote the words. I found these crumbling stairs while on a walk last week. I was immediately inspired. 🙂


  1. A self-motivation is an enlightenment of mind, empowerment of heart and enrichment of soul to arise, awake and ascend to achieve the noble and coveted goal even if it entails walking on its enervating path all alone.

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