Day: December 19, 2014

The Ice Queen Awakens

The Ice Queen awakens from slumber deep
Irked that Mother Nature stirred her from sleep.
Promptly she devises a wily plot
To silence everything within earshot.
With a frosty yawn, cold begins to seep;

Seeking warm haven, the birds cease to cheep.
She then sets her sights on the trees to threap.
With a polar hand, she gives them a swat.
The Ice Queen awakens…

Dead, leaves plunge from branches into a heap.
With a jeer she says, “You get what you reap.”
Joyous echos fade off ’til she hears naught.
She’s attained quiescence with this onslaught.
She savors the hush in her glacial keep.
The Ice Queen awakens…




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