Precious Payload

As though hung heavy the sun sinks slowly.
A brisk breeze bites at exposed toes with nighttime’s nip,
But are warmed well by the sun soaked sand.
As reflective rays dance upon water’s waves
A barge breaks the serene silence.
She anxiously awaits precious payload
As sea’s surf chaperons her husband home.






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No Names Needed

Sly smiles exchanged in fleeting flirtation,
My martini glass raised, met by your wanton wink.
A knowing nod, your approach approved,
Elation engulfed, your words softly spoken,
Hand held you implore, “Dance, darling?”
Two smitten strangers, we silently sway
As retro records spin, no names needed.



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Urban Jungle

The contralto croak of honking horns,

And a gurgling gush of sinuous sewers.

Warbling whistle of crude catcalls,

And trill tunes of metal meeting metal.

A shrill shriek of broken belts,

And gridlock’s growl in a concrete copse.

Fiercely feral, the savage city.






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