No Names Needed

Sly smiles exchanged in fleeting flirtation,
My martini glass raised, met by your wanton wink.
A knowing nod, your approach approved,
Elation engulfed, your words softly spoken,
Hand held you implore, “Dance, darling?”
Two smitten strangers, we silently sway
As retro records spin, no names needed.



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Tunnel Vision

My world orbits around your star,
As I admire you from afar.
Untouchable just like the sun,
You give to me tunnel vision.

I don’t see others pass me by.
It is for your love that I vie.
As if you are the only one,
You give to me tunnel vision.

Open your eyes so you can see
The blinding hold you have on me.
Notice me or I’ll come undone.
You give to me tunnel vision.






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