If Only I Could Fly

If only I could fly,
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t see.
The world couldn’t pass me by,
It’d barely keep up with me.

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t see.
I’d soar around the planet.
It’d barely keep up with me,
I would pilot lands that span it.

I’d soar around the planet.
I would rocket to the moon.
I would pilot lands that span it,
Then I’d be gone too soon.

I would rocket to the moon,
Ascending toward the sun.
Then I’d be gone too soon
On to my next mission.

Ascending toward the sun
With my sights upon the stars.
On to my next mission,
Navigating quasars.

With my sights upon the stars,
The world couldn’t pass me by.
Navigating quasars,
If only I could fly.


After I thought I completed this poem, it occurred to me: if I add stanzas detailing each “stop”, it might make a decent children’s book. So, add that to the list of open projects. Finish this poem as a children’s book. Find someone to illustrate it.




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SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “S”

This challenge has given me the unique opportunity to introduce everyone to my awesome family. Today I focus all of my attention on my sons, my oldest child, Steven and my youngest, Brandon. The age difference between my boys is nearly 10 years, still they are close. Brandon stays over at Steven’s apartment. They eat pizza and play video and board games like brothers should. I see a lot of Steven in Brandon. The featured image is evidence of that. Those pictures were taken years apart in completely different states. They have the same freckles, the same eyes, the same mannerisms, the same sense of humor. However, for all of their similarities, they have just as many differences.

Steven is extremely driven. He is a biopsychology major in his 3rd year of college. His focus is cognitive psychology and he hopes to obtain a PhD. Steven receives scholarship money and keeps a job as a barista to pay most of his college expenses. He is also a captain on his school’s Ultimate team. He loves music. I lost count of how many instruments he can play. Despite his busy schedule, Steven is well balanced. He has many friends and enjoys the full college experience. Perhaps most importantly, he is an incredible big brother.


Brandon is the most laid back individual I have ever known. He is quiet, a little shy, very sweet, and loves a good lazy Sunday. His technology skills are impressive for a kid his age. At 2 years old he would belly up to the computer, manipulate the mouse, get on the internet, find the right bookmark, and navigate to his favorite game, completely unassisted. Brandon loves to help in the kitchen. It’s the only thing he likes more than screen time. He has taken several cooking classes at a local bistro.


Two boys so alike
The reflection in their eyes
Echos of one another

Two boys bound by blood
Distinctive aspirations
Minds and spirits all their own