Acrostic Amulet

Today marks day 1 of my participation in a daily alphabet challenge.  I couldn’t come up with anything brilliant for the letter “A” so I decided to have some fun with acrostics.  The first poem even spells out a word that begins with “A”.  Don’t worry, it’ll get better over the next 25 days.

Armor of fortune
Magically bound
Unearthly power
Locket of shelter
Evil Eye blinded
Trinket of Heka


Wrathful liar
Immoral desire
Criminal indifference
Killer of innocence
Evil beckoning
Day of reckoning


Made to believe
All that you say
Lies are your truth
Indignation your cover
Greed your sin
Now I know
Every word
Reeks of deceit


Enticing pleas
Ravage release
Orgasmic cries
Trembling thighs
Intense fire
Carnal desire

My Muse

Eyes locked in trance
Palm to cheek,
Intoxicating scent
Knees go weak.

Pulled in close
Velvet lips to mine,
Gently first
Rough with time.

Tugging hair
Heaving chest,
Traveling kisses
Toward my breast.

Desperate hands
Grasp with need,
Tearing garments
With lusty greed.

Joined together
Ravenous embrace,
Moving as one
Face to face.

Awakened, inspired
Delightful bliss,
He is my muse
and I am his.