Why So Serious?

Wars of attrition
Hatred, suspicion
Your demons winning
Souls crave sinning
Oh the humanity
Steeped in insanity
Evil infiltrated
Righteous mitigated
Immorality incurred
Our lines are blurred
Unraveled, decrying
Smile, you are dying



Inspired by Heath Ledger’s Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’



Return to Home


It is the blindness of our ears.
It is the basis for our fears.
It’s what you hear when no one’s there.
It’s that non-existent shriek of terror.

It screams aloud without a sound.
It’s voices heard when no one’s ‘round.
It is what is said in a lover’s scorn.
It’s the final warning before the storm.

It’s the noise you hear; the bump in the night.
It will make a child shake with fright.
It is a haven for all the crazed.
It’s where voices speak, reality’s hazed.

It is a terror this immortal silence.
‘Tis more deadly than is violence.
It is in death that she triumphs.
She’s a victor known as Silence.