Sunset Daydream

Today I witness Love
Radiant for all to view
Manifested as a sunset;
I’m filled with thoughts of you.

The sun hides mischievously.
Its luminous kisses remain
Gracing the world with colors
Only Mother Earth has named.

Celestial orb shines full,
Floating above the horizon.
I doubt such majesty
Will ever befall my eyes again.

In a sea of brilliant pink
The moon dances playfully.
Stunning is its hazy glow,
When suddenly it occurs to me…

A dazzling canvas of color
Stretches across the realm,
But there is a constant presence
That outshines all of them.

It is the electric color
Of a newborn child’s eyes.
It’s the color of the tears
A tropical ocean cries.

Safely upon his shoulders
All other colors stand.
He lifts them toward the heavens
With a gentle loving hand.

So marvelous, yet so familiar,
I know this patient blue.
Out of nowhere a warm embrace,
In a sunset I have found you.

Then completely the sun descends
And darkness claims the sky.
Your touch it fades until it’s gone
And again you say goodbye.


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