Day: June 11, 2014

School’s Out!

Balloons filled with water
Instead of air.
Family trips to
The county fair.
Take your best friend
To the park.
Your curfew is now
Just before dark.
Hit the beach,
Splash in its shores.
Start a campfire,
Roast some smores.
Take a boat to
Your fishing spot.
Eat a popsicle when
It gets too hot.
Go on a road trip,
See all the sights.
Witness billions of stars
On clear summer nights.
Take in a parade
On the 4th of July.
Grab a kite
And let it fly.
Explore your world
On a bike,
Or find a trail
And take a hike.
Run through a sprinkler
Laugh as you play.
Read a book
On a rainy day.
Squirt gun attack ~
Dive in the pool!
Hooray today is
The last day of school!






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