Day: June 2, 2014

Chapter 1 ~ All of it… Friday

I promised a globetrotting friend that I would release the full first chapter of my book in a single post before he departs on his next journey. So, Friday, June 6, I plan to do just that. If you have read The First 1100 Words and Seven Deadly Sins ~ Day 6, Lust (A passage from my book), you have seen about 2/3 of the first chapter. Friday’s post will include these plus the final 1/3 of the first chapter, as well as little tweaks that have been applied since I released the first sneak peek.

I will likely do as I have done in the past and abbreviate the naughty bits. Maybe not ~ maybe I’ll go full monty. They’re not extreme or gratuitous, but they are “mature”. We will see. I guess you’ll have to visit on Friday to find out what I decided!

Words Are Seeds

Ever wonder
Where words go
After they escape
Your mouth?
You should.
It is naive
To believe
That words go south.
Words are seeds,
Planted by lips,
Fertilized by belief,
Grown by repetition.
That which you
Have breathed life into
Does not die
But seeks duration.
Stay in charge
Of your tongue,
Of the words
That it creates.
Keep your secrets,
Tell no lies,
Be careful what
You pollinate.
Murmur or roar,
Falsehood or truth,
Your words are
In the air.
Matters not
What you say,
They’re lasting
Once you put them there.
If words are
Not sentient
Why then
Is it said,
Two can keep
A secret
If one of them
Is dead?