Month: July 2014

Be Inspired

Take a bow
Take chances
Chances are
Chances end
End the cycle
End hate
Hate the drama
Hate the game
Game changer
Game face
Face off
Face the music
Music speaks
Music is life
Life changing
Life is beautiful
Beautiful existence
Beautiful you
You can do it
You are strong
Strong believer
Strong will
Will to succeed
Will to win
Win from within
Win big
Big difference
Big dreams
Dreams chased
Dreams come true
True story
True love
Love yourself
Love is blind
Blind side
Blind fear
Fear is a lie
Fear nothing
Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
Gained experience
Gained control
Control yourself
Control fate
Fate is within
Fate leads the willing
Willing and inspired
Willing to be


This poem was just one that was featured in “Emily Sturgill’s Help Wanted: Poets please apply” anthology earlier this summer. Read this and many more brilliant pieces by downloading your copy HERE. Her collection covers a myriad of topics and includes 19 different poets, all from the WordPress community.

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Simpler Times

I remember wishing I could fly,

Admiring the starlit sky,

Making the swing go too high,

When best friends lived nearby,

Going on long hikes,

Riding our bikes,

Even gray

Snow day







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What do you see?
Damage at the core?
Geometric fluidity?
Or just another eyesore?
Something you must replace?
Or vibrant imperfection?
A flaw to hide or be erased?
Or a unique accentuation?
Do you find the artistry?
Or is it just too marred?
Can it be extraordinary
Once it has been scarred?






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Waterbender, part 1

Tucked away
In a distant place,
There lived a boy
With an angel’s face.
Early mornings
He would rise
To watch the sun
Light faraway skies.
He’d remain outside
Until end of day,
And watch the sun
Fade away.
As nightfall bolstered
The ascending moon,
He’d make his way
To the dark lagoon.
The waters there
Would ebb and flow,
Under the effect of
A celestial glow.
Bending Earth’s tears
Without a touch,
He wondered if he
Could do as much.
His waking hours
Were spent learning
How the tides
Kept on churning.
A full moon repaid
His fierce devotion
By granting the skill to
Put fluid in motion.
Days exhausted
Honing his gift,
Were rewarded when he
Spawned his first rift.
Soon he summoned
A squat water wall,
Vowing to practice
‘Til he beckoned one tall.
With a warrior’s soul
And purity of heart,
He was sure that this
Was only the start…


Wait! There’s more! Read Waterbender, part 2


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