Month: December 2014


The comfort of a mother’s healing hands,
Hers, to a child, the most appealing hands.

No one can pilfer her attention nor
Claim mommy’s heart like a kid’s stealing hands.

When all hope is lost and your strength is gone,
None console like grandmother’s feeling hands.

A life of wisdom lived without restraint,
Those were great-grandmother’s freewheeling hands.

If your path is clear and life’s light left on,
Thank generations of revealing hands.





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The Ice Queen Awakens

The Ice Queen awakens from slumber deep
Irked that Mother Nature stirred her from sleep.
Promptly she devises a wily plot
To silence everything within earshot.
With a frosty yawn, cold begins to seep;

Seeking warm haven, the birds cease to cheep.
She then sets her sights on the trees to threap.
With a polar hand, she gives them a swat.
The Ice Queen awakens…

Dead, leaves plunge from branches into a heap.
With a jeer she says, “You get what you reap.”
Joyous echos fade off ’til she hears naught.
She’s attained quiescence with this onslaught.
She savors the hush in her glacial keep.
The Ice Queen awakens…




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Life Teaches

Carrie Mayhem

Life teaches
Life is short
Short term
Short and sweet
Sweet nothings
Sweet as candy
Candy kisses
Candy dreams
Dreams of stardom
Dreams come true
True stories
True friends
Friends forever
Friends and enemies
Enemies made
Enemies to forgive
Forgive yourself
Forgive and forget
Forget me
Forget the past
Past the point of no return
Past and present
Present and future
Present is now
Now you know
Now is your time
Time to love
Time is money
Money talks
Money can’t buy happiness
Happiness awaits
Happiness is key
Key to success
Key to my heart
Heart on my sleeve
Heart broken
Broken down
Broken promises
Promises made
Promises kept
Kept away
Kept in cages
Cages rattled
Cages empty
Empty pockets
Empty words
Words of wisdom
Words unspoken

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Snowfall Sunrise

The daylight removes nightfall’s veil
Exposing nature’s new detail.
As beams ascend into the skies
Darkness surrenders to sunrise.

Winter reveals a new landscape,
Rooftops brandishing their new cape.
As lifeless trees boast their disguise,
Darkness surrenders to sunrise.

In the valleys and the highlands
Snowflakes sparkle like they’re diamonds.
The world begins to crystallize.
Darkness surrenders to sunrise.

The daylight removes nightfall’s veil,
Darkness surrenders to sunrise.






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