Burn It to the Ground

I will burn it to the ground
If you won’t say you love me.
You’ve never seen the crazy
By which I’ve been crowned.

Reducing life to an ember mound
On a serial arson spree.
I will burn it to the ground
If you won’t say you love me.

Just three words or I am bound
To make this thing get nasty,
I will dispense carnage vastly,
I’ll hunt you like a hellhound.
I will burn it to the ground.






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Back in April, I shared a poem titled “Eternity“. It’s actually still one of my top 10 posts of all time. My husband wrote it for me years ago. That piece was actually part of a set of 2 poems. “Forever” and “Eternity” both still hang on my bedroom wall to this day.


For the last 4 years of my life I have been truly blessed. I never imagined the amount of happiness that could be bestowed upon me.

Over time our love has grown into something out of a fairy tale. We are inseparable, the victims of unconditional love.

Riches and wealth could be bestowed upon us and it wouldn’t make any difference. Our love is so strong that nothing can affect it. We just need each other and our family to make our lives and love complete.

Every passing day I feel like our bond is growing even stronger… more intense. We were placed on this Earth for each other. It is not a coincidence that we met. Our destiny was predetermined and it was fate that brought you into my life.

Volumes have been written and spoken about love but none share the intense feeling that I get when I lay eyes on you. That electricity is too strong to portray on paper or to vocalize. The current runs strong and will never fade.

Everything that I do is for you. I live for you. Every thought that runs through my head has something about you in it. The way you look at me makes my heart melt… it makes my head woozy with love. Your touch is exhilarating… electric. I long for that feeling.

Remember this year as the best year of your life. The birth of our son… the continuing maturation of our older children… the love that we share… no one on this Earth has a better or more fulfilling life than we do. The best part is that it has really only begun. We are infants in this wonderful relationship. Carrie, I love you now and forever.


It’s been a while since Brian has written poetry for me. Give this a like or leave a comment to encourage him to do it more often. 😉


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Baby Love!

I am thrilled and honored to introduce you all to my 1st born grandbaby!! This is Weston Owen Foor. After subjecting his Mommy, my daughter, to 49 hours of labor, our little heartbreaker finally made his grand entrance. He’s perfect, happy, & healthy!! Mommy is doing well despite the 2-day long ordeal. Actually, after 1:00 am when we finally met this little man, Mommy looked downright stunning. Everyone made a comment about it. She certainly is tenacious.

Weston made his debut on October 30, 2014 at 11:34 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 4 oz, measured 19″, and has lots of dark hair. We hung around the hospital until the middle of the night so we could get our hands on him. I still haven’t kissed on him, or nibbled his little toes yet. I want to make sure I’m healthy before I literally drool over this little stunner.

My son, who is 12, waited very patiently until the wee hours of the morning to hold his new nephew. He’s never held a baby before. I think he’s a natural. Brandon was anxious to get back the next day and embrace Weston some more. This picture, my son holding my grandson, chokes me up a little. What a happy day this is!




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I have been pretty lax about posting this week. I swear it’s not just the lazy in me. While laziness is, indeed, usually the motivation behind my days off, this time I have a good reason… I’m having a grandson!

My daughter has been in the hospital now for over 36 hours. Seems the little guy is pretty comfy in his current location. The doctors have served that stubborn baby with several eviction notices, but he’s doing this on his terms. Don’t tell her I said this, but he’s like his Mommy in that regard.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I will get to hold Little Man right away. I started running a fever the very day we learned my daughter was going to be induced. Now 2 days later, my head is full, my throat is burning, my lungs ache, and I’ve become one of the world’s leading mucous producers. This does not please Gigi. Lucky for all of the other ultra excited family members, that’s one less person to fight for cuddle time. Good thing I have a whole lifetime of hugs and kisses waiting for me when I feel better.

Hopefully today is the day! My daughter would rather not have a Halloween baby. However, we’ll all take a healthy baby when he decides he’s ready, no matter what day it is. He’s not even born yet, and he’s already calling the shots.

The featured photo is from my daughter’s baby shower. With her and I are the baby’s great-grandmother and his great-great-grandmother. As soon as our little guy arrives, both sides of my family, my mother’s and my father’s, will have 5 living generations.

“Women are creators. We make families and connect generations together.” ~Patricia Ann Goodman

I’ll update everyone when there are pictures to share!


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