SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge, Day 8 ~ “H”

Our caravan approached the River Styx
A band comprised of thieves and convicts
The tone was subdued, not so merry
As each one boarded Charon’s Ferry
All were charged an obolus save the poor
They were left one hundred years upon shore
On turbulent waters our boat coiled and twirled
We dead approached the entrance to the underworld
We hadn’t made landfall when I was struck by an oar
I was launched from the raft and swam to the shore
The three heads of Cerberus greeted us with a growl
He threatened with claws intended to disembowel
He let us pass as he slashed his serpent tail
Snakes hissed warnings any escape try would fail
Our journey continued as we approached the Pavilion
Where three judges would assess us for each sin
Evil-doers trembled at where they’d be sent
Each heard grim tales of the Fields of Punishment
I heard my sentence, I was ordered straight there
Dread became dismay as I saw flames throw smoke in the air
I turned and I ran toward the Isle of the Blest
The Elysium would protect me from eternal unrest
Liberation short lived, Hades’ chariot drew near
He was formidable and loathsome, instilled great fear
His scepter struck true, I sailed forty yards
Violently I landed upon the feet of his guards
I stood unharmed, brushed the filth from my clothes
Empowered by this I prepared for more blows
Hades was amused by my invincibility
He knew I had fallen into that tributary
Realizing my power made me a hero
He granted my pardon, he let me go
Through Acherusia I left without delay
A paragon was born of fate on that day

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The Succubus

Destructively beautiful
She need only insist.
He knows she is deadly
But cannot resist.

Temptress of the Night
Snakes her tongue past his lips,
“Lilith”, he moans
As he clutches her hips.

He gives in to her,
This insatiable whore,
She remains unsatisfied
And wanting still more.

Foolishly penetrates her
In the heat of desire,
Deceived to believe
He’d melt ice with his fire.

“We two become one”,
She says with a hiss,
Stealing breath from his lungs
With her ravenous kiss.

Realization too late.
He has no control.
She quenches her thirst
Then devours his soul.