The Succubus

Destructively beautiful
She need only insist.
He knows she is deadly
But cannot resist.

Temptress of the Night
Snakes her tongue past his lips,
“Lilith”, he moans
As he clutches her hips.

He gives in to her,
This insatiable whore,
She remains unsatisfied
And wanting still more.

Foolishly penetrates her
In the heat of desire,
Deceived to believe
He’d melt ice with his fire.

“We two become one”,
She says with a hiss,
Stealing breath from his lungs
With her ravenous kiss.

Realization too late.
He has no control.
She quenches her thirst
Then devours his soul.


  1. Quite a vivid and well painted description of a succubus and quite what I envisioned when I learned of the word the being and my relationship with it… Loved the poem your way with words is quite a gift and a pleasure to have you share it with us here. 🙂


    1. I know many that have or had spirits around them. A spirit killing you with sex, is as unlikely and impossible as you winning the powerball lottery tommorow. It makes a good story, but the truth is stranger than fiction


  2. I really like the role reversal of the male giving into the female instead of vice-versa like most stories go. Very well written!


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