The featured photo was taken of me and my daughter on the day she graduated from cosmetology school at just 18 years old.

On day 11 of the Alphabet Challenge, I celebrate my middle child, my only daughter, my favorite “K”, Kylie. Love you!

My little girl
With big blue eyes
That sparkle bright
Like summer skies.

Tiny princess,
Great big heart.
Meant for greatness
From the very start.

A scholar’s mind,
An artist’s soul,
A future within
Your own control.

You got this now
Do me proud.
Never stop living
Your life out loud!

Kylie has dreamed of a profession in cosmetology since she first picked up a brush. Immediately upon graduating high school at age 17, she began cosmetology school. She has been recognized for her achievements in make-up and hair on a national level. These are photographs of her early successes:



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