Borrowed Time

A flower blooms
While a child cries.
A life is born
As an old man dies.

Life’s not given.
It is a loan.
It’s time we use,
But never own.

A privilege bestowed.
Something to cherish.
Spend it wisely,
For soon we all perish.

Then our children are left
With the life we once mused.
To make the most of existence
And time we once used.


Words Are Seeds

Ever wonder
Where words go
After they escape
Your mouth?
You should.
It is naive
To believe
That words go south.
Words are seeds,
Planted by lips,
Fertilized by belief,
Grown by repetition.
That which you
Have breathed life into
Does not die
But seeks duration.
Stay in charge
Of your tongue,
Of the words
That it creates.
Keep your secrets,
Tell no lies,
Be careful what
You pollinate.
Murmur or roar,
Falsehood or truth,
Your words are
In the air.
Matters not
What you say,
They’re lasting
Once you put them there.
If words are
Not sentient
Why then
Is it said,
Two can keep
A secret
If one of them
Is dead?

Somewhere in Oblivion

I cry for them to let me in,
But my voice is lost
Somewhere in oblivion.

I am more than my sin,
But a line was crossed.
I cry for them to let me in.

“I beseech you, just listen!”
They care not that I was tossed
Somewhere in oblivion.

“Please, are you not holy men?”
They return a silent frost.
I cry for them to let me in.

I plead for mercy to no one then
I whimper myself to exhaust,
Somewhere in oblivion.

“I am on my knees again!”
Words into a black hole lost.
I cry for them to let me in
Somewhere in oblivion.

Life Teaches

Life teaches
Life is short
Short term
Short and sweet
Sweet nothings
Sweet as candy
Candy kisses
Candy dreams
Dreams of stardom
Dreams come true
True stories
True friends
Friends forever
Friends and enemies
Enemies made
Enemies to forgive
Forgive yourself
Forgive and forget
Forget me
Forget the past
Past the point of no return
Past and present
Present and future
Present is now
Now you know
Now is your time
Time to love
Time is money
Money talks
Money can’t buy happiness
Happiness awaits
Happiness is key
Key to success
Key to my heart
Heart on my sleeve
Heart broken
Broken down
Broken promises
Promises made
Promises kept
Kept away
Kept in cages
Cages rattled
Cages empty
Empty pockets
Empty words
Words of wisdom
Words unspoken

This is Your Life…

This ailing society
Is no magistrate.
Your choices are your own.
Life isn’t subject to approval,
And taste isn’t universal.
It’s your tale; Write the
Ending. Live the adventure.
One day you will be silenced; One
Minute a narrator, the next a flashback.
At that moment, your story is locked.
A legacy can’t be altered from the grave. The
Time for editing is upon you.