Somewhere in Oblivion

I cry for them to let me in,
But my voice is lost
Somewhere in oblivion.

I am more than my sin,
But a line was crossed.
I cry for them to let me in.

“I beseech you, just listen!”
They care not that I was tossed
Somewhere in oblivion.

“Please, are you not holy men?”
They return a silent frost.
I cry for them to let me in.

I plead for mercy to no one then
I whimper myself to exhaust,
Somewhere in oblivion.

“I am on my knees again!”
Words into a black hole lost.
I cry for them to let me in
Somewhere in oblivion.


  1. Thank you John! I was inspired by my experiences with a certain church. For many years it was my life but I made one mistake that changed everything. Instead of finding forgiveness, I was shunned. It forced me to reevaluate my beliefs and my priorities. The image is a photograph I took of one of sixty 3×5 cards called Soulcards. They’re all incredible. Thanks for the visit and wonderful comment!


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