SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “M”

This is not at all what I intended to write about when this letter came around. However, a gut-wrenching image taken of the families of those missing aboard Malaysian Airlines 370 quickly changed my mind.

Reported as fact
Today’s impervious truth
Tomorrow denied

Fingers point
Accusations fly
Did it crash?
Did it land?
The agony of loved ones
Is not the story

Grim faces
Twist in agony
Used to sell
Grieving images stolen
Yet stories untold

Too wrapped up
In the mystery
The intrigue
The missteps
Our humanity is lost
When empathy fails


  1. I should read more of your writing .I have had always had an interest in writing.I was the only guy in my creative writing class in high school and I got an A for a grade.Hats off to you for being bold enough to put it online.


    1. Thank you, though I’m not sure how bold I am. Every post comes with anxiety and fear of rejection. Overall, everyone has been incredibly supportive. Whether or not I deserve it remains to be seen. 😉


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