Day: August 12, 2014

Like Mine

I saw your bandages.
I didn’t inquire.
I didn’t need to.
I recognized your secret.
It looked like mine.

The door was ajar.
I peeked in your closet.
I saw your skeletons,
And I knew them all.
They looked like mine.

I remained reticent.
Not even you knew
What I observed.
I protected your secret
Like I did mine.

Now I wonder,
If I had unlocked
My Pandora’s Box for you,
Could I have rewritten your story
Like someone did mine?

Dead Poets Society

Though now your voice has fallen silent, you were heard, O Captain, My Captain. You contributed your magnificent verse to this beautiful play called life. It inspired. It challenged. It gave sound to my own voice. You made John Keating real to me. You made poetry matter. You changed my life. You changed countless lives. Still, like many, you were left to battle the demons of depression alone, for not even the adoration of millions can fight the battles that rage inside a man’s head. Those demons opened the door to the monster called Suicide. I’ve met this monster. I’ve looked him in his evil eyes. I wonder how many times you fought him before he claimed his victory. They say everyone dies twice – the day you draw your last breath, and the last time someone uses their breath to utter your name. May you find immortality in this second life. I, for one, will never forget. Farewell sweet Robin.

Carrie Mayhem

Day 4 ~ Steven Fox Writing’s Alphabet Challenge. The letter “D”. There are a lot of topics that I could blog about. For one thing, dreams have been a huge part of my life. I have vivid and often terrifying dreams. I remember most of them in great detail, even those I had as a child. Dreams are quite a muse for me. Then there’s defendant. I do have to be in court again today. I will have to testify at a preliminary hearing about the home invasion we had last summer. These defendants have reeked havoc on our lives for months now. I’m sure my disdain for the culprits would fuel some pretty passionate, and probably negative, material. However, because I have to be in court today, I don’t have the time to do these topics justice.

Dead Poets Society is the best idea I’ve had anyway. It is…

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