In an Alternate Universe…

Just to give you a little back story, last summer my home was robbed in the middle of the night by two men while my family and I slept. They literally stole everything of value from the main floor of my house. The culprits, dangerous men as it turns out, have since been apprehended. However, the judicial phase has been long and frustrating. Trial for the 2nd defendant, a master of stall tactics, won’t even begin until around the 1 year anniversary of the home invasion. I’ve always wanted to be a superhero, living by my own set of rules in an alternate universe somewhere. We wouldn’t have been forced to spend so much time wading through piles of verbal excrement if I was…

Con man, thief, perjurer,
You revel in your duties as a
Depraved sycophant of the diabolical.
You can’t hide beneath this cloak of lies.
My Lasso of Truth will
Expose you!


Oh, and yes, that is me in the above picture.


  1. Aww…sorry to hear of your robbery. 😦 That must’ve been scary. The pic of you is cute with WW. I dressed up like WW for Halloween the year that show was on TV. Thanks for reminding me of it! 🙂 ANd as for the robber….karma is a b___.

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  2. Thanks Laura, it’s the kind of thing that changes a person. Just this morning I did a thorough job cleaning the front window specifically so our surveillance camera would capture the clearest picture possible. I can’t say that was ever on the agenda pre-home invasion.
    I have been obsessed with WW since I was that small. I would have worn my WW Underoos everyday if I had been allowed.


    1. Thank you, we’ll need all of the luck and good tidings we can muster. I don’t know what I would do if they were still out there lurking. I take great comfort knowing both are behind bars for now. May karma quickly catch up to your unsubs.


  3. How scary! I’m so relieved you were sleeping and survived to be vengeful! I hope that, slow as it is, the wheels of justice eventually grind them down flat. Cool use of the Triquain.


    1. Thank you! We were lucky to be on our first night back from vacation and exhausted enough to sleep right through it. I hate to think about what might have happened had my husband or son woke up. We have a good case. I believe it will go our way… eventually.


        1. You know, that’s what we thought too, that they thought we were still gone. However, our star witness in the case going to trial, is the accomplice that already pled guilty. At a preliminary hearing he specifically stated on record that they both knew we were home when they broke in – unsettling.


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