Month: May 2014

Verge of Summer

Tomorrow I will disappear into the woods for a few days. Where I am going, cell phones don’t work. Internet is a luxury. Instead of the lights of towering buildings and racing cars, we will gaze upon the twinkling lights of a billion stars. I’m going to paddle a kayak instead of drive a car. I’ll absorb sunshine like a solar panel. The drinks will be cold and come in bright colors. The food will come off the grill instead of out of the oven. This weekend is the first of our summer cottage weekends. It would be absolutely perfect if my oldest could be there too. Sadly, he has to work.

I wrote this in honor of the upcoming weekend, and the beautiful summer that will follow…

Parade clowns
Resort towns
Mosquito, mayfly
The Fourth of July
Long walks
No school
Swimming pool
Warm nights
Squeals of delight
Speed boat
Beach tote
Firework show
Suntan glow
Run free
Climb a tree
Squirt gun
Hot dog bun
County fair
Summer night dream

Break the Silence

Days without fights were
The calm before the storm.
Brutality and fear
Became her new norm.

Outside of their quarrels
He’d turn up the charm.
Even she was convinced
He meant her no harm.

Then he would strike.
In turn she would shout.
Neighbors raised the volume
To drown her sobs out.

They stayed out of it.
They felt that was wise.
When she passed in the hallways,
They averted their eyes.

She stopped crying for help.
It just never came.
For her willingness to stay there,
She was to blame.

There were no superheros,
No man in a cape.
She had nowhere to run,
No way to escape.

She was trapped,
In need of a champion.
But she was guilty of staying,
That was her sin.

She wasn’t a victim,
They made her believe.
This was her punishment
If she wouldn’t just leave.

Her body was scarred
By senseless violence,
But not so deeply as
Her mind was by silence.


Stupid Girl

A Hermes bag holds her
Hollow soul.
Blahniks hoist her to the heavens.
Beauty and beholder,
Fad patrol.
She’s worn makeup since age seven.

Beneath her Chanel wall
She watches,
Judging us through Prada glasses.
She is above us all
Ten notches.
She’s revolted by the masses.

She’d trade laughter for a
Single pearl.
She is hated and wonders why.
No one will say “You’re a
Stupid girl.
Everything you know is a lie.”


GIF from the movie “Clueless”

Last High

Line cut
Roll a bill
Inhale deeply
Pupil ousts iris
Euphoria takes hold
Invincible once again
Vivacious life of the party
Clammy flesh, crimson stain, stolen breath
Body seizes, panic, and then, nothing…………


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